Transportation information

    • Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Muzha-Pingxi Line(24H support hotline:0800-011765)logo1

    1、Bus Tips:
    MRT Muzha Station to Shifen Visitor’s Center(Shifen Waterfall)
    MRT Muzha Station=>Shenkeng Old Street=>Shuangxikou (transit stop for Shiding Old Street)=>Gunian Temple=>Qingtong Old Street(Police Sky Lantern)=>Pingxi Old Street=>Lingjiao Train Station=>Wanggu Train Station=>Shifenliao Old Street=>Shifen Visitor’s Center(Shifen Waterfall)
    (1)Fare: 3 distinct fare zones through the whole route. Each fare zone is 15 NT. One-way maximum 45 NT. Shuangxikou and Wukeng Stop are two fare distinct sections. Limited package tour ticket is available, one ticket for all spots and food. Please visit Taiwan Tourist Shuttle website for details.
    (2)Ticket: Pay Cash or Scan EasyCard or iPass on the bus.
    (3)Information: Real-Time Bus Information System In New Taipei City:02-27285284 / Shifen Visitor Center: 02-24958409 / Taipei Bus(Muzha Dispatch Office):02-29391078


    •  Train

    (1)Take the Yilan Line to Rueifang and transfer to Pingxi Line to Pingxi Station
    (2)During the period of Sky Lantern Festival, there will be extra trains. Please check TRA’s website (


    •  Drive (not recommended during festival period due to traffic control)
    (1)Take the Freeway No.5 towards Yilan →Shiding Intersection →County Road 106 →Pingxi
    (2)Take the Freeway No.1 → Badu Intersection → Ruiba Highway → Ruifang Industrial Area → County Road 106 → Pingxi
    (3)Taipei →Taipei Zoo →Shenkeng →County Road 106 →Pingxi
    (4)Xizhi → Xizhiping Highway → North County Road 31 → Pingxi
    (5)Northeast Coast →Fulong, Gongliao District →Shuangxi District →No.2 Provincail Highway C Route(Keelung-Fulong Highway) →Pingxi
    (6)Nuannuan →No.2 Provincail Highway C Route(Keelung-Fulong Highway) →Pingxi
  • 2019 Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival Transportation

    [February 16 at Pingxi Junior High School] Transportation
    英文 接駁車資訊 01

    240x170cm 平溪活動場地圖 F

    [February 19 at Shifen] Transportation英文 接駁車資訊 02 ※ Buses going in the Downtown Direction will depart when they are full.
    ※ The bus schedule is subject to change and depends on traffic as well as weather conditions.


    • Train Information: During the festival, there will be extra trains scheduled for the Pingxi Branch Line. All related information will be posted on the Taiwan Railways Administration official website. Please visit the website for information: (
    • MRT Information: The last train on the Wenhu Line will depart from Taipei Zoo Station at 12 AM every day, please make your travel plans carefully.
    • 240x170cm 十分活動場地圖 F